• The Managing Partner of Prihartono & Partners, Mr. Dwiyanto Prihartono, SH graduated from Krisnadwipayana Univerity, Jakarta, in 1989, studied Business Law - Magister of Law Gadjah Mada University.

    After obtaining his law degree in the same year he went on to join Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Indonesia (Indonesian Legal Aid Institute). In 1996 he was accepted as member of Perhimpunan Bantuan Hukum dan Hak Asasi Manusia (PBHI) (Association of Legal and Advocacy and Human Rights Advocacy), subsequently holding the position of Secretary General of the association from 1998 to 2001 and finally servig as National Council member as of 2001, which position he still holds until today. In 2006 he added the Leuseur International Foundation into the list of organizations in which he serves as member.

    In addition to his formal legal education, Mr. Prihartono attended various courses and seminars, which served to further broaden his professional knowledge and skills. Among these courses are the International Course on the Protection of Human Rights for Judges, Lawyers and Legal Practitioner he attended in Netherlands in 1998, and a course on Marine and Maritime Law held in Wollongong University, Australia, in 1994, Intellecual Property Rights held in University of Indonesia (IIPA), in 2009.

    In 1996, Mr. Prihartono founded Prihartono & Partners, starting with 3 legal professionals. Mr. Prihartono’s skills and expertise is focused in the area of litigation, among others covering civil and criminal litigation, in addition to arbitration and out of court settlements or alternative dispute resolution. However, he also a highly proficient in non-litigation issue and devotes a portion of his professional time and skill handling commercial and other corporate-related cases.

    In the midst of his busy legal practice, Mr. Prihartono has worked on a number of published books. Two of the most popular are titled “Trial with No Defendant: the Dilemmas of In Absentia Legal Trials and Human Rights” (2003) and “The Law and Political Judicial Proceedings” (1997), the latter edited in association with Arbi Sanit and firm partner Hendardi.
    Mr. Prihartono is also serving and has served, either as member or board of administrators, in several legal and professional associations, including the Setara Institute (2006-present), the Indonesian Legal Students’ Alumnus Association (2003-present), the Indonesian Advocates’ Association (2000-2003), the National Law Commission (2000-present), and the Indonesian Environmental Forum (1996-2002).