• The focus of our practice has been and remains in the General Corporate and Commercial Litigation.

    We are proud to be available in our extensive commercial  and business advice and expertise. We can therefore append to value to a client's existing operations or intended investment here or it's business operations generally. This may include,  among other things, advice on transaction structuring or government policies, procedures and practice.

    The key of our firm was formed in response to increasing demand for full legal services, including litigation, from our commercial clients, who were compelled by economic crisis to initiate legal proceedings in enforcing their rights.

    Prihartono & Partners has been handling civil, commercial, criminal, employment, and state administration cases on behalf of local and foreign corporation, and individuals.
    We believe our experience and expertise in this area of law services will be much of help to attain each client's objectives to achieve the best possible outcome, whether it shall avoid litigation altogether, obtain an out of court settlement, or achieve some measure of financial redress.

    Prihartono & Partner's lawyers understand and emphasize the importance of alternative dispute resolution techniques, including mediation, fact finding and arbitration. However, when ADR is not successful or not appropriate, our employment lawyer have the experience necessary to represent our management clients in state courts, both plaintiffs and dependants, as required by the situation.
    Commercial contracts are the tool used to create legally binding agreements between one or more parties involved in a business transaction or partnership.  Our experienced attorneys can assist businesses with creating these important agreements.  We believe that drafting and executing these contracts in advance can prevent important professional relationships from unexpectedly becoming strained or hostile, thus taking up precious company time and resources.

    We work one-on-one with our clients to draft commercial contracts to ensure that they are well-constructed and easily understood.  We also have experience in reviewing contracts, identifying potential problems, and clarifying anything in the contract that may be ambiguous. Prihartono & Partners Law Offices offer our clients legal advice and assistance with a variety of business and commercial contract needs including alternative conflict solutions.

    One of our main objectives is to avoid litigation becoming necessary. However, once it becomes inevitable, we would assist and represent clients in the followings :
    • Drafting demand notices
    • Representing clients in the civil, commercial, criminal, arbitration, employment, and state administrative court
    • Representing creditor or debtor clients at creditor's meeting in bankruptcy and suspension of payment hearings
    • Drafting and filing civil, criminal, commercial, arbitration, employment, and state administrative pleadings
    • Appearing in the local, high, and supreme courts
    • Appearing before employment tribunals
    • Appearing before arbitration tribunals
    • Assisting clients in police proceedings and obtaining police reports
    • Assisting clients in attorneys proceedings
    • Filing appeal proceedings
    • Requesting judicial review.

    Our experinces:

    General Corporate and commercial litigation
    Over the years, our firm has been dealing with many commercial litigation cases in civil and commercial court, as well as in Badan Arbitrase Nasional Indonesia.

    Criminal Litigation
    In criminal cases related to commercial matters, our firm also has expertise in this area in contact with the police as well as the attorneys office and court.

    Employment Matters
    Lead trial counsel for the employees of some companies in Employment Court (Pengadilan Hubungan Industrial).

    State Administration Matters
    Lead trial counsel in State Administration Court (Pengadilan Tata Usaha Negara) to examine the public officers decision made for individual or corporate injury.

    Non Litigation
    We also experienced in providing our service as legal counsel on general corporate issues.

    Our Representative clients:

    PT Industri Telekomunikasi Indonesia
    PT Tuban Petrochemical Industries
    HSBC Indonesia
    PT Suzuki Indomobil Motor
    PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales
    Asian Agri Group
    PT Pakuwon Sentosa Anggreini (Blok M Plaza)
    PT Anugrah Jaya Agung (Hotel Salak Bogor)
    PT Ayam Goreng Fatmawati